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Seed in the Ground is a nonprofit, faith-based organization whose focus is on Eliminating Hunger and Spreading Hope. We seek to serve those who need food and who desire to improve their lives in both Jasper and Beaufort Counties of South Carolina. By Sowing Love and Growing Hope, we strive to help the whole person get better.

Good morning Mr. Anthony,

I want to say thank you to you and your wife. You guys helped me more than I could imagine. I’ve been working with the organization you recommended that helps women in domestic violence situations, and I have come in touch with some amazing people and been in therapy for 4 months now.

Again, thank you.

Our Why

Meet the Founder

April Ghoston started Seed in the Ground with a deeply rooted passion for helping others and sharing the word of God. With over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, April has always found joy in caring for others, both spiritually and physically.

In 2010, April and her husband moved to Bluffton, South Carolina from Indianapolis, Indiana and instantly fell in the love with the Lowcountry. They soon joined a local Church in Bluffton and led the start-up of its first food pantry in 2014. As April started building relationships with pantry clientele, she quickly learned that hunger was one of many needs people were experiencing. Along with food insecurities, homelessness seemed to be increasing, the lack of financial resources was evident, the lack of transportation was prominent, spiritual mentoring and guidance was needed, and the need for life skills training further impaired several individuals from achieving hope and independence.

Having overcome many of her own hardships, April has devoted her life to helping others with their needs. In 2020, Seed in the Ground was founded to help fight hunger and create hope for those who desire to improve their lives. Along with her husband, she continues to address food insecurities in poverty-stricken communities, help individuals resolve the underlying issues that drive their food insecurities, and build a plan to move forward or redirect them to understand God’s word for their lives. She truly seeks to build long-lasting relationship with her clients and their families.

Our Mission.

Our mission is simply helping people get through difficult times. Hunger destroys families, communities, and your stability, further impairing your potential to achieve independence. We are driven to work hard, reach wide, and serve all.

Our Impact.

Success for us is not how many clients we serve, success for us is measured when a client calls us to say they no longer need our help because they have reached a sustainable level of independence.

Our impact and reach has greatly helped the communities in which we serve!

November 2022

To Our Partners,

As we approach the end of another successful year at Seed In The Ground, we must acknowledge our donors and our staff for their commitment and dedication.  We could not have done it without you. Success for us is not how many clients we serve, success for us is measured when a client calls us to say they no longer need our help because they have reached a sustainable level of independence.  We celebrate when one person achieves this level of success.  Your resources and donations are essential to what we do to help people become food secure and to reach their goals.

Our clients stay with us on average of 9 – 12 months before they reach a level where they no longer need our assistance. Looking back over the last two years, 90% of our clients in 2021 were no longer clients in 2022. Some got better paying jobs, some moved into more affordable housing, some reunited with their spouses, and some received significant help from grandparents. There are many solutions, but they all take time to implement.

Our model is simple. We help people in need. We provide resources and services to help them become independent and we stay with them until their change comes.

Your contribution has made an impact in poverty-stricken communities in a meaningful way.

Please continue or join us on this journey by making a one time or recurring donation to Seed In The Ground Inc. If you have already donated in 2022, please consider increasing your contribution. The need is great, and resources needed are costly. You can donate online by clicking here. If you'd rather send a check, please mail the check to: Seed In The Ground, PO Box 3604, Bluffton SC 29910.

Anthony and April Ghoston, Founders

Seed In The Ground 1st Year Growth 2021:

Children Served


Adults Served


Bags of Food Delivered


Pounds of Food


Other stats include...

137 - People Served (Living with Client)
34 - Client Relationships
261 - Food Deliveries (2x/mo)

Concentrated Areas - Ridgeland SC, Bluffton SC, Hardeeville SC, Gillisonville SC

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Seed In The Ground is a Mobile, Food Delivery Service designed to meet the needs of people right where they are. People who live in poverty and are food insecure, generally lack access to transportation or work schedules don't allow time to visit food pantries during their hours of operations.

​We solve this problem by delivering food to their home!!

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